Hints for your first class...
Dancing is a highly trained art form which requires hard work and concentration. Dancing teaches coordination, musicality, skills for working in a group, and the list goes on. Above all else dance should be fun and enjoyable, even when dancing proves to be a challenge. Below is a list of guidelines to help make our class experience a fun and enriching one.
See you in class!


In addition to registration at the class location, all new students must fill out a Dynamic Dancing New Student registration/waiver form before their first class starts. You can print this form by clicking below:

New Student Registration/Waiver Form

(See Registration Information link above for more information.)



Wear warm clothing before and after class when the weather is cold.

Hair should always be pulled back off the face for the duration of the class.

Do not wear dance shoes outside.

No skirts or jeans.

Do not wear clothes that need adjusting while you are dancing, nothing baggy.

Note: If you do not have attire, attend the first class in street clothes (just get as close to exercise/dance clothes as you can) and dance barefoot.


  • Dance clothes - leotards, tights, leggings, dance tops
  • Ballet shoes
    (Please tie tightly or double knot the strings on the ballet shoes so they will stay tied for the duration of class.)

  • Exercise clothes/Dance clothes
  • Barefoot/Grippy socks

Beat Boyz
  • Exercise clothes/Dance clothes
  • Non-marking sneakers/gym shoes, or bare feet

Creative Movement
  • Exercise clothes/Dance clothes
  • Barefoot/Grippy socks, or bare feet

Dance Exploration
  • Exercise clothes/Dance Clothes
  • Jazz or Ballet shoes and Tap shoes


Get UP and Dance!

  • Exercise/Street clothes 
  • Jazz sneakers or Tennis shoes

Hip Hop

  • Exercise/Street clothes (must be able to move!)
  • Tennis shoes

  • Dance clothes - leotards, tights, leggings, dance tops, jazz pants, bike shorts
  • Black Jazz or Ballet shoes


My First Dance Class

  • Exercise/Street clothes (must be able to move!)
  • Barefoot/Grippy socks


Musical Theater

  • Exercise clothes/Dance clothes - no skirts
  • Jazz or Ballet shoes

  • Exercise clothes/Dance clothes
  • Barefoot/Grippy socks, or bare feet

  • Exercise/Street clothes (must be able to move!)
  • Tap shoes (with socks or tights)
    (Please periodically check the screws that hold on the taps to make sure they are not loose.)

Here are some suggestions for places to purchase dancewear and/or shoes. 
The internet has many great options also.
  • Target
  • Capezio's at 3839 H St., Sacramento, CA  95816
  • Emil's Family Shoe Store at 508 Main St., Woodland, CA 95695
  •                       for ballet, jazz, and tap shoes.

For Bellydance Hip Scarves:
  • Evangeline's at 113 K Street, Sacramento

Class information is sent out via email. Students/Parents need to add Yvette Corvo Misner, dynamicdancing@sbcglobal.net to their contact list, please.

Please be on time! If you are 15 minutes late (or more) you will have to watch class, since missing the warm up increases your chance of injury.

Let us know if you might be a bit late for class, if you need to leave early, or if you will miss a class.

Tell us if you are injured.


Please refrain from chewing gum, eating, drinking (except water) or running.

Please come to class ready and willing to participate to the best of your ability.

Please silence all cell phones and/or other electronic devices before class begins.

Do not talk a) when the teacher is talking, b) during an exercise, or c) when you should be watching your fellow classmates dance.

All students will treat their fellow students, the instructor, and other adults with courtesy and respect.

If for any reason a student demonstrates less than proper class etiquette they will be warned once, then, if the behavior is repeated, the student will need to sit out and watch, especially if their behavior is disrupting the class. For young students who repeat unacceptable behavior a third time, a parent meeting will be set up to discuss the child's behavior and solutions will be formulated to change the child's disrespectful behavior.

Dancing is a physical activity and as such touching the student to give corrections is sometimes required, if this is a problem in any way please let us know.

Etiquette for Parents and Observers

Once a dancer is comfortable with class, parents need to leave their children to do their class.

If you are in the dance area observing, please do not disrupt the class by making noise, such as taking phone calls or talking.

If you want to take pictures or shoot video of your dancer during class, you must speak to us first and we must make sure it is okay with the rest of the parents.


Yvette Corvo Misner
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