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Dance Styles

Basics Series classes are designed for teen/adult students who are looking for an exercise emphasis and no performances. If you are interested in learning the core skills, and developing a few new ones - these classes are for you. No experience necessary.

Ballet students will learn barre work, the difference between adage and allegro, basic arm and feet positions, foundation steps like plies and tendus, basic traveling steps, and turns and jumps.

Bellydance students will learn basic moves like the shimmy and tummy rolls, and be introduced to veil work and finger cymbals.

"Get UP and Dance!" is an aerobic exercise class using very basic steps from styles such as Ballet, Jazz, Ballroom, Latin and Disco. 

Hip Hop students will learn isolations, syncopation, staccato style of movement, basic kick and jump patterns, and some floor work.

Jazz students will learn isolations, the difference between parallel and turned out technique, traditional jazz steps like jazz squares and kick ball-changes, across the floor combinations, and that contemporary jazz pizzazz.

Stretch students will learn how to effectively warm-up and work through the full range of motion of all the body's joints in a safe and comfortable way to increase flexibility and reduce pain and future injuries.

Tap students will learn how to use the different parts of their taps to make different sounds, syncopation execution of different rhythms, and basic steps like shuffles, flaps, and pull-backs.

Dancers in all classes will learn dance vocabulary and choreography.  Performance opportunities are available to all students who are interested.

Level Descriptions
Note: Students with good attendance usually stay in the same level for approximately 1 year.

My First Dance Class is specifically for you and your toddler, ages 2.5-3, to start exploring movement and dance together! Through movement games and dance activities they will learn basic motor skills, balance, patterns,memory, focus, musicality, team work, and much more. A parent/guardian must accompany their dancer to every class.

Dance Exploration is for youngsters ages 4-5 to explore movement and different dance styles. Through movement games, dance activities, and choreography they will learn basic motor skills and be introduced to elements from Ballet, Hip Hop, Jazz, Musical Theater, and Tap.

Introduction to Dance classes are designed for young dancers 5-6 years old. Introduction to Dance classes include movement games, exercises, and choreography they will learn balance, patterns, memory, focus, musicality, team work and much more. In this class elements from Ballet, Hip Hop, Jazz, Musical Theater, and Tap are introduced. Both Ballet and Tap shoes are required.

Level 0 classes are offered for our teen/adult/senior students and are 1 hour in length or shorter. These classes are appropriate for any level mover.

Level 1 classes are offered for students ages 7 and older. Dancers who are new to a style or have had very little exposure to a style, or have had a substantial break from dancing, should take Level 1 classes. The focus is on learning the skills specific to one particular dance style. We work on the skills listed above in the Introduction section at a faster pace.

Level 2 classes are for dancers with approximately a year of experience in a particular style. These classes build on the foundation of skills cultivated in the Level 1 classes. More difficult steps are introduced, with more intricate combinations of movements, a slightly faster pace, and longer sections of choreography.

Level 3 and beyond classes are for dancers with a minimum of 2 years of experience in a particular style. Level 3+ classes simply have more of everything listed for the Level 2 classes.


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