In the Fall of 2004,
13 women gave birth
to a new bellydance
troupe they named
bohemian bellies.
This Yolo County based
community group
performs under the
direction of
Yvette Corvo Misner.

Our dancers have
anywhere from 8 months to
6 years of bellydance
experience and
include ladies from
high school to
career women and moms.
Over half perform
other dance forms.

We are dedicated to sharing our love of this ancient dance form with public and private audiences in the Yolo County area and beyond. Our music selections range from traditional Greek to techno re-mixes of Middle Eastern classics. The troupe performs mainly as a whole, bringing to life an exciting and colorful world of tummy rolls, shimmies, veils and finger cymbals.

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Yvette Corvo Misner
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