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Get UP and Dance

Where Technique Meets Fun, and Anyone Can Learn to Dance!


Ballet * Bellydance * Creative Movement * Get UP and Dance!

Hip Hop * Jazz * Musical Theatre * Stretch * Tap


Classes held in Woodland, California

Woodland Community & Senior Center, 2001 East Street


Children 2.5 and up * Teens * Adults * Seniors

Introduction through Level 3+

New Get UP & Dance! Classes 

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Thursdays   7:45 - 8:45 pm  60 min.  Level 1 

For busy adults who are looking for an evening class.

Get UP and Dance! classes are offered to teens, adults, and seniors (men and women) who enjoy doing aerobic exercise to fun music from the last 60 years.  

Classes are ongoing - you may sign up ANYTIME to join!

Every class is designed for students who want to:
  • Learn basic dance steps and easy choreography;
  • Enjoy uptempo music - Swing, Rock&Roll, Blues, Country, Motown, Latin, Broadway, Irish, etc.;
  • Reap the benefits of exercise in a fun and supportive class environment. 

Every class begins with a warm-up, moves into simple choreography, and ends with a cooldown to get you into a good frame of mind for the rest of your day's activities.  Students should dress comfortably and wear tennis shoes or other footwear designed for movement exercise.

Our NEW classes are:
Thursday  7:45-8:45 pm  60 min.  Level 1 For busy adults who are looking for an evening class.

ANDwe're continuing these classes from 2018:
Tuesday    10:00-11:00 am  60 min.  Level 2
Friday       10:00-11:00 am  60 min.  Level 2

We teach our Level 2 classes at a slightly faster pace, with minimal instruction for steps and choreography.  However, if you've had dance training in the past (e.g. ballet, tap, jazz, ballroom), or participated in movement classes like Bollywood, Zumba, or Dance Aerobics, you'll probably feel very comfortable in our Tuesday and Friday morning classes.

Our fees:  
one class drop-in $6
30-minute classes $3.75/class - purchase a $15 dance card for 4 classes
60-minute classes $6/class - purchase a $24 dance card for 4 classes or a $48 dance card for 8 classes.  

Dance cards never expire.  Purchase them at the Woodland Community Center front desk or online at


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