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Wednesday April 17th, 2019! 

On Wednesday, April 17th we are hosting a FREE Open House 

to introduce our new teacher, Anja, and her 5 new classes!


Anja grew up in Davis and started dancing with local teachers starting at age 3. As a teenager she was a member of the Applegate Dance Company and started teaching at age 15. She then met Yvette and danced for several years with her Bohemian Bellies bellydance troupe before doing a year abroad in Ireland. Anja travelled to South Carolina to complete a Bachelor of Arts in Dance Education and taught dance at a charter school in North Carolina. Having recently returned to California, Anja is excited to work with Yvette again and to bring all of her teaching and dancing experiences into her new classes!


Try out Anja's new classes for FREE !

Trial classes are open to new and returning students, no registration required! 

Please arrive early to complete WCS & Dynamic Dancing waiver forms.



OPEN HOUSE SCHEDULE - Wednesday 4/17/2019

8:30-9:20am    Stretch & Strength Basics, Level 0 for Adults & Seniors

9:30-10:20am  Creative Movement Basics, Level 0 for Adults & Seniors

10:30-11:15am My First Dance Class (co-taught by Yvette & Anja), ages 2.5-3 with adult

1:00-1:45pm    Ballet Basics, Level 0 for Teens & Adults

2:00-2:45pm    Dance Exploration: Creative Movement, for ages 4-5

3:00-4:00pm    Creative Movement, Level 1 for ages 6-10


  Stretch & Strength Basics is a great class for adults & seniors who are looking for a gentle exercise class with a focus on flexibility and strengthening muscles. The class utilizes several modalities (ballet, yoga, Pilates, physical therapy and more!), plus props and partner work to really enhance the workout. All experience levels and abilities are welcome! Modifications will be given so that anyone and everyone can participate! This class is ongoing and uses 4 Class Dance Cards. Sign up any time, come when you can! *Dress code: dance/exercise clothes (dance/exercise tops, leggings or pants, etc.), hair pulled back, slipper socks, ballet shoes, or bare feet. Yoga mat & towel recommended, but not required.

  Creative Movement classes offer students an opportunity to really express themselves through dance! Through dance games and "puzzles", we will explore and challenge our bodies to move in new ways and utilize creative thinking, problem solving, and teamwork to create improvised dance pieces. Learn how to find your own dance style and to create your own choreography as a soloist and in groups! *Dress code: dance/exercise clothes (dance/exercise tops, leggings or pants, etc.), hair pulled back, slipper socks, ballet shoes, or bare feet.

  Basics Level 0 is for adults & seniors who want a gentle, exercise-focused workout with no performances. All experience levels and abilities welcome! This class is ongoing and uses 4 Class Dance Cards.

 Dance Exploration is for children ages 4-5 to explore the dance style, learn basic dance class skills and vocabulary, and to find their own dance "voice!" No dance experience necessary.

 Level 1 is for children ages 6-10 to explore the basic principles of Creative movement, find their own dance "voice", and learn to use teamwork and creativity to create improvised dance pieces! No dance experience necessary. 

Ballet Basics is a great class for teens and adults of all ages to explore ballet technique in a gentle and fun way! No experience is necessary, and this class is also great for dancers who have taken an extended break from ballet. We will cover basic ballet techniques and vocabulary, and learn how to utilize a ballet dancer's grace and poise while building strength and flexibility. This class is ongoing and uses 4 Class Dance Cards. *Dress code: form-fitting dance/exercise clothes (Dance tops, leggings, leotards, tights, etc.), hair pulled back, ballet shoes. 

My First Dance Class is specifically for you and your toddler, ages 2.5-3, to start exploring movement and dance together! Through movement games and dance activities they will learn basic motor skills, balance, patterns, memory, focus, musicality, team work, and much more. A parent/guardian must accompany their dancer to every class.

Anja looks forward to meeting everyone and welcoming new students to her classes!

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